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With almost 40 years experience restoring residential and commercial buildings to a clean and healthy condition, your first call to a carpet and water damage or mold remediation company should be to Clean and Fresh Restoration, Inc.

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Mold Remediation
Residential & Commercial Services

As part of it’s residential and commercial restoration services, Clean and Fresh Restoration, Inc. is proud to offer the following mold remediation services:

• Hepa vacuum studs, drywall, floors, etc.
• Use air scrubbers to extract mold spores out of air space
• Antimicrobial treatment to kill remaining mold spores not vacuumed
• Replacement of wood or drywall if needed
• Wall scrubbing – sealing and painting as needed before any necessary rebuiding
• Containment to damaged area is always critical

What You Should Know About Mold

Elevated levels of airborne mold from an indoor mold source can have adverse health effects on individuals to varying degrees. Infants, children, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system are more vulnerable.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the following effects are well documented in humans regarding exposire to mold and mycotoxins: Allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes, asthma, Hypersensitivity Pneumonotis and other immunologic effects.

Some of the most adverse health effects from long-term exposure to mold and mycotoxins can include chronic liver damage, central nervous system damage, and liver and lung cancer. It has been proven that humans and animals should avoid unsafe levels of mold and mycotoxins in the indoor environment.

The presence of certain mold and mold spores in a home or building can result in mild to severe health effects in humans and can cause structural damage to the dwelling itself. Some of the effects are (but not limited to): Asthma, allergy symptoms, watery/itchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, sinus congestion, blurry vision, sore throat, dry cough, aches and pains, skin irritation and rashes, bleeding of the lungs, headaches, memory loss, central nervous system damage, kidney damage and cancer.

As humans vary greatly in their chemical makeup, so do their reactions to mold exposure. For some people, a small amount of mold spores can cause ill effects. For others, it may take many more. Autoimmune systems of individuals will determine the extent of their reactions and symptoms. Governmental agencies (federal and state) provide exposure limits or “safe levels” for mold exposure. Those at greater risk are infants and children, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system from illness or those who take immune suppressive medications. It has been documented that chronic exposure to certain types of molds and mycotoxins can weaken the immune system of otherwise healthy individuals allowing for opportunistic disease.

Professional Carpet cleaning Residential & Commercial Services

We provide professional carpet cleaning as part of our residential and commercial restoration services.  When you clean carpets yourself “home remedy-style”, your carpets can soil quickly.

Many shampoos can be highly alkaline which attracts soil like a magnet. Mildew odor can also develop as a result of over-wetting.

However, when we clean your carpet, we use a pH-balanced chemical shampoo which leaves a minimal residue.

Our superior chemicals followed by our thorough rinse process leaves your carpet slightly damp and resistant to soiling. To speed up the drying process, customers can use fans, heat or air conditioning.

Clean & Fresh Restoration clean all types of carpet including:

  • Frieze
  • Nylon
  • Olefin
  • Polyester
  • Sisal
  • Wool


Pro Tip:  To get the most “life” out of your carpets, you should vacuum two or three times per week and have them cleaned annually.

Our Residential & Commercial Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

We rent dehumidifiers, fans and blowers.

Call us for on-site drying, pad dryout, carpet dryout and wall and structure drying/sanitizing.

Area Rugs

Rugs are picked up and cleaned at our facility.  Free pickup and delivery! 

We clean braided, orientals, wools, hand rag rugs, two-sided rugs, llama, dhurrie, nylon, and olefin area rugs.

When cleaning expensive wool area rugs we make dye baths to protect the dyes from bleeding. 

Please make an appointment for a technician to pick up your area rugs.

Customer-Use Spot Kits

Available by the quart for five different uses:

  • Degreaser for oil-based stains
  • General spotter for water-based stains
  • Coffee remover
  • Pet urine decontamination enzyme
  • Juice and dye removal

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture should be cleaned annually.  We provide furniture cleaning services to:
  • Preserve furniture appearance
  • Restore furniture freshness
  • Remove dust mites
  • Keep furniture sanitary
  • Remove soil & stains

Our furniture cleaning services:
  • Leather cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning

Dupont Teflon Sealer

Dupont Teflon Sealer allows the customer to blot most water-based stains with water and blot dry.
Oil-based stains, inks, teas, coffee, urine, vomit, mustards and blood should be removed by our technicians. Paint should always be kept wet so it can be flushed out before it cures and hardens.

(with Acid Dye Blockers Two Year Treatment Sealer)

Scotch Guard

Stain and spill protection for carpet and upholstery. 

Scotch guard creates a protective barrier around the fibers of your carpet and upholstery. This protective barrier makes cleaning future stains and spills much easier.

Scotch guard protection keeps stains and spills on the surface for easy clean up.

Pet Odor Decontamination

Urine, vomit and feces on carpet or upholstry can usually be detected by our specialized equipment. We treat these stains with special enzymes, followed with a shampoo and fresh water rinse, allowing extra drying time and the use of fans to help dry carpet and padding.

Carpet cleaning alone will only spread urine and make the urine smell worse unless the decontamination process is done first.

Gutter Guards

Twenty-five year warranty on gutter mesh materials!

• No more ladders cleaning gutters

• Sun protection on top of gutter guard mesh

• Water still flows through mesh when the rain falls very hard

Sump Pump Installation

We install 1/3 horsepower submersible pumps with a five year warranty and 1/2 horsepower submersible pumps with a three year warranty. Check valves, boots and PVC are also installed at crock level as needed.

Drapery and Blind Cleaning

• Dry cleaning solvent used only. No water should be used on most drapes, otherwise permenant water stains can occur.

• Some blinds (if plastic) can be cleaned with shampoo, otherwise we dry clean those also.

• We use a vacuum tool to vacuum fabrics to remove dirt and soil.

• Done on location right where they hang. No distortion! No shrinkage!

Other residential and commercial Restoration services We Offer:

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